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Third Degree Series with La Pera Projects


⏰Third degree series⏰

We are back with ten questions for our collector Justin Ellis owner of this gorgeous @alexhammondstudio

1. You are addicted to… Travel – like any addiction though, I can’t get enough of it.✈️

2. What is art for you? Seeing something from somebody else’s perspective, whatever that perspective may be.

3. Name a necessary change in the art world: Get rid of the cartel that operates among the auction houses and major collectors. 25%+ fees both to buy and sell is profiteering, and excludes lower level buyers and artists from participating in the market.

4. Favorite artist or work of art: Hard to have a favourite, but probably currently @pepebaenanieto, a new artist in Cadiz painting daily family scenes.

5. The best advice you have ever received: “Nobody likes a complainer” – holds good in most contexts. 💥

6. Three galleries or platforms you follow: arthistory.daily, @the.whitecube, @peramuzesi (not related to Pera Projects, it’s a gallery in Istanbul)

7. What moment do you enjoy the most as a collector? When I finally work out where to hang a new work

8. Dream work: Caravaggio’s Judith & Holofernes – the disdain in her face! 👁

9. WhatsApp, text or call? Yes.

10. Favorite fruit? Mango!


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