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In the exhibition with: Nicolas Vander Biest

Belgian artist Nicolas Vander Biest talking about his practice in the context of a recent exhibition in Mexico City, June 2020.

For Nicolas, Art has to speak for itself with a balanced combination of beauty and self-explanatory evidence. To him, beauty lies within the right combination of imperfections, always governed by the rules of simplicity. The best way of Art explaining itself is through words, in a plain, direct and accessible manner. His phrases mature over a few hours, sometimes for a few months, until the graphic solution strikes in.

His background in publicity often makes him compare his work to copywriting: a search for a simple tagline the brings forth a clear message, even when it has a double meaning. His main goal is to question established theories of language and art, always incorporating humorous connotations and a little bit of his own lived experience.

For 15 seconds, 2018, acrylics and uv print on raw cotton and wooden stick , 55.11 x 39.3 in (140 x 100 cm)

an older piece (der anfang vom ende), 2019, acrylics on sealed cotton bag containing a work from 2013, 39.3 x 49.6 in (88 x 126 cm )

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