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Third Degree Series with La Pera Projects


Untitled, 2020 by Sophia Belkin

Today we are continuing La Pera Projects Third Degree Series.

We have asked the same questions to some of our Collectors, Artists, Friend Curators and Colleagues in the Industry. Get to know them through the Third Degree with La Pera.

TODAY meet art professional Gabriela Galcerán, co-founder of the ArtCollisions, who owns four pieces from our own Sophia Belkin.

  1. You are addicted to… The silver lining attitude, always find the best of a bad situation.

  2. What is art for you? The invitation to think about the world from very different perspectives than mine.

  3. Name a necessary change in the art world: More open collaboration amongst artists, dealers, scientists, business leaders and institutions.

  4. Favorite artist or work of art: Too many!

  5. The best advice you have ever received: Question your first instinct before acting on it, that doesn't mean you were wrong but gives you more room to maneuver.

  6. Three galleries or platforms you follow: Angels Barcelona, Hyperallergic, and Hollybush Gardens London

  7. What moment do you enjoy the most as a collector? Meeting the artist when that's possible.

  8. Dream work: I have a bag full of them!

  9. WhatsApp, text or call? All 3

  10. Favorite fruit? Peritas de San Juan


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