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Third Degree Series with La Pera Projects


Today we are continuing La Pera Projects Third Degree Series.

We have asked the same questions to some of our Collectors, Artists, Friend Curators and Colleagues in the Industry. Get to know them through the Third Degree with La Pera.

TODAY meet art professional Halime Özdemir, founder of Producer 360°.

  1. You are addicted toCliché, I know, but it really is coffee. I mean proper coffee. No granules. No milk, just neat.

  2. What is art for you? Art is an emotive and perceived response to my state of mind at the time of inception, conception, etc.

  3. Name a necessary change in the art world Less pretense and more depth(dreaming big here!)

  4. Favorite artist or work of art This is of course, tough, but will run with the first thing that springs to mind: Artwork: Black Cross New Mexico, 1929, Georgia O'Keeffe. Artist (and scientist), well, Leonardo Da Vinci.

  5. The best advice you have ever received "When confronted in a situation, if you're unsure of the answer, take a moment to think. Or ask for a moment if possible. React of course, but don't be reactive", roughly 8 years ago, some sage advice from my brother Bülent Özdemir (filmmaker/director). I have since adapted this in my own way, and so my advice to you, the reader is: "You will always be accountable for the words you speak, and if you cannot stand by your own words, how can you expect anyone to stand by you?"

  6. Instagram account we should follow Mine of course (just kidding, or am I? @hali_oz ;)) I do like @studiotomassaraceno but for general nonsensical consumption @the.language.nerds or @subwaycreatures

  7. A Professional that inspires your career This has changed multiple times over the years, but someone who has always been consistent in the back of mind is the Director of the Istanbul Biennial, Bige Örer.

  8. Dream project To invite artists to recreate the Great Library of Alexandria, in their own vision, depicting how it would have evolved through time and then see it recreated to scale. With an unlimited budget and time, of course!

  9. Three artists in your radar Irini Bachlitzanaki (GR), Nora Silva (ESP) and Anna Kazaroff (ARG). Oh and a bonus: Francisco Vasquez Murillo (ARG)

  10. Favorite fruit? Is that a trick question? ;)


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