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Third Degree Series with La Pera Projects


Today we are continuing La Pera Projects Third Degree Series.

We have asked the same questions to some of our Collectors, Artists, Friend Curators and Colleagues in the Industry. Get to know them through the Third Degree with La Pera.

TODAY meet Gala Knörr, a multidisciplinary artist working in painting, video, writing and installation art. Her work widely explores the intersection of identities and technology.

1. You are addicted to… As of today I’d say Tik Tok haha

2. What art is for you? It’s a cumulus of experiences and stories that help me to understand what’s around me while never losing my sense of wonder and curiosity.

3. Instagram account we should follow @dazed don’t know who manages their account these days but their content is giving me life, and Jordan Firstman’s impressions are just the best laugh @jtfirstman

4. Name a necessary change in the art world The unnecessary artificial sense of competition between artists. That’s a toxic palace I try to stay away from.

5. The best advice you have received Focus on the work, it will speak for you. Stay on your tracks, the rest will come.

6. Favorite artist or work of art Only one??? Mark Leckey’s ‘Fiorucci made me hardcore’ is my go to spiritual journey.

7. Tell us about your next project My next project ‘Champagne Supernova’ will be a teenage nostalgia wonderland embodying a happy place for Millenials.

8. Your color Bluemarine

9. Dream museum The Louvre on Wednesday or Friday night

10. Favorite fruit? Clementine

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