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Rosa Aguilar in conversation with Victoria Ríos

1. We can see "Presence and Absence" from the matter in sculpture to the plastics in the canvas... to be or no to be, what is the question Rosa?

The question lies in the matter surface itself, in the representation in its minimal expression. My painting is based on the superposition of transparencies, while the sculpture is a different experience. I start with an idea and I create according to my understanding of what is this entity, the archetypal vision of it, whether it be a log, an apple or a foot. We all know these concepts and I try to model the figurative concept I have of it, with no reference images.

2. Light, are we talking about the light in painting or the light of life?

Light plays a fundamental role in my painting, it is the raw space for my work to happen and from where my imaginary can emerge, almost as if they where projected scenes.

This characteristic in my work comes from melancholic gaze. My best memories are in broad daylight in the countryside, searching for insects or fruits, walking through the dry river of the Venta de Andar or taking pictures of flowers.

My language emerges from these experiences mixed with the iconography of folk tales, like Antonio R. Almodóvar in El bosque de los sueños, curiosities from scientific and botanic magazines or Medieval Illuminated manuscripts. The latter interest me for their anthropomorphic character and the macabre tales of plants and animals.

Las de los cocodrilos

3. What is it that you find disruptive in contemporary practice nowadays?

The careful observation of our surroundings, I feel an evident disconnection between contemporary painting and the attention to our physical surrounding. The rupture is in contemporary painting that aspires to be universal and timeless, paused painting.

4. Do you believe that there is a full freedom for the artist or that certain factors 'induce' that freedom? In this time of art and culture, everything that is different, seems, at the same time, to be following a pattern.

I think the artist should have creative freedom, but he or she will always be conditioned by the resources available, his or her technical skills, his or her context and the content he or she consumes. The trends are becoming more fleeting due to the new tools we have at our disposal, based on immediacy. We will be able to tell wether we belong or not to trends in a few years.

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