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K1WY, Miquel Boneta, in conversation with Victoria Ríos

1. Influences, experiences... from where is your work born?

I have always had a great interest in portraying my ideas in the street very freely, avoiding the limits of paper and taking advantage from polemic and the social rejection that grafiti entails.

I invested a big part of my teenage years in drawing and animation, learning by myself and I decided to consolidate my learning experience with 4 years of Animation and VFX. When I graduated from college I knew I wanted to experiment with Visual Arts. After 4 years with screens I needed some time out of the digital world. I found the ideal medium to express myself, beginning with the wall and the canvas, passing through the skin and even video.

2. In the intimacy of your studio or in the intimacy of your own time, books, music, food... tell me a bit.

I love sitting under the son, have a coffee and grab a bite. Never fails. When I have some free time I draw and listen to music, it relaxes me. For me music is the motor of everything, it puts me in a good mood. Make excursions when I have the time, I escape Barcelona with some paint cans and I go to some village and wander around, drink a few beers and paint <3 Hang out with friends, interchange tattoos, cook, make music with synthesisers, that is the key to everything.

3. The context, the physical and social surroundings influence each of our actions, at this point, how has it been and how is your life in relation to your work?

I've had a very quiet and happy childhood, good friends and a stable family, my parents, grandmothers and sister <3 I think that my father's character has shaped me a lot in the way I go through life, but mostly in how I channel my feelings as humor and sarcasm. I've always been introverted and shy at first, that is why I have always drawn, to be able to communicate what I cannot say with words, from peace. Peace is what I am after.

In the majority of my pieces I deal with very personal matters (even though it might not seem at first). I'd say that the most present theme in my work is solitude, I don't know if I like or not, but in general I tend to be very alone, the self analysis and getting lost in your thought but not in sad way. When I was 10 I had I disease that took me to the hospital for a long time, I was in very bad shape. Now looking at it with perspective, I realise how much of and effect that had on me, it made me very reflective about what makes me happy and to make the most out my life. This is the reason I paint and why I try to evolve constantly, I don't want to be stagnant, life is short and soon we'll be dead :(


4. Experimentation and process, how do you produce work? Is it just studio work or is there a back room to your process?

It is like a diary, I always draw, anecdotes that happen daily, excursions, hang outs with friends... I believe studio work is only 30% of my work and the other 70% happens outside: thinking, sharing and living experiences. I draw everything in my sketchbook, when I go to the studio I flip through the pages and I decide which ones can be in a canvas.

From there I make a very basic outline and I go from there, adding and subtracting and re-adding colors, I love the sensation of the canvas 'surprising me', I don't like to enter with a fixed idea, I like to play freestyle. This las year I've began sketching with crayons and markers, this helps when the time to pain comes because I have already tested color combinations.

5. Trends, actions, fashion... we define society as the accumulation of these, which ones do you think influence your work?

Uffff my friends, people I know and people on the street influence me a lot. As I mentioned before, music, musicians and their attitudes interest me. I am more influenced by the people in my life than trends, I don't like the idea of being part of an urban tribe or collective, I don't know, we are all a mix of everything, to typecast oneself in one classification or trend is to limit your personality.

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