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In Conversation with Jure Kastelic

Meet Jure Kastelic (b.1992, Slovenia) , London-based artist and Bitcoin researcher.

Filmed on the opening day of Jure's solo show at the London Gallery White Crypt, Jon Sharples (Art and Intellectual Property lawyer) mediates a conversation with the artist about how cryptocurrency and cyberpunk ideas intersect in Jure's practice.

Born in Slovenia just after Yugoslavia broke apart, Kastelic was taught the importance of achieving economic stability and independence from a young age. His research is centered around the unsexy side of money like its origin, issuance, governance and the seemingly related rising inequality, declining purchasing power, and the universally fictional trickle-down- economy: “I’m fascinated by how value’s derived from scarcity while observing the parallels of moneyness and painting.”

Jure Kastelic has had solo exhibitions in galleries and institutions in the UK, Italy, Spain, and Slovenia. He has participated in multiple group exhibitions internationally and is the recipient of several awards in the UK and Slovenia.


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