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Alexandra Hammond is LA PERA

In this series we asked our artist to answer 6 questions that are LA PERA.

Here are Alexandra Hammond's answers and picture of one of her iconic paintings with a pear-like loop.

Last museum/gallery you visited:

Immersed myself in the Met's Egypt and Mesopotamia wings to study cartouches.

A reading on art you recommend:

On Beauty and Being Just by Elaine Scarry

Place you wish to see your work exhibited one day:

The Whitney Biennial

Exhibition you enjoyed and why:

Elija Burgher at PPOW. His work was new to me and I loved the layered and mysterious world he created with a mix of large-scale figurative drawings, painted drop cloths with an invented language of symbols -- all inspired by an ancient mythology.

Reference artist or artists:

Martha Rosler

An artwork you love:

Pierre Huyghe's Untilled, a mysterious garden


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